Holy Prophet’s sawa conduct at home

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Imām al-Ḥusayn  said: I asked my father about the conduct of
the Noble Prophet  when he entered his home. He said: He 
entered the home when he wanted to and when he came home, upon
his entrance, he divided his time into three parts: a part for Allāh, a
part for his family and a part for himself. Then he divided his own time
between himself and the people, keeping his portion for his special
companions and the other portion for the general public; and did not
save any time for his personal work. It was from his practice, in the
portion devoted to [meeting] the people, to give preference and respect
to the people of distinction, and he would categorize them according to
their excellence in religion. From among them were those with one
need and those who had two needs and even those with many needs, so
he occupied himself with them and engaged them with what was good
for them. He would ask them about the community and inform them
about what was necessary, saying: “Those who are present from among
you should inform those who are absent, and inform me about the need
of one who is unable to inform me of his need. For surely the one who
informs a person in authority of the need of the one who cannot
express it, Allāh will make his feet firm on the Day or Reckoning.”

Sunan an Nabi – Allama Tabatabi ra

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