Holy Prophets sawa conduct outside with people

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I asked him about the conduct of the Noble Prophet  outside the
home – how was it? He  replied: The Prophet of Allāh  would
remain silent except when it was necessary for him to speak, and he was affable with the people and would not alienate them. He would
honor the honorable of every community and give them charge of their
affairs. He was careful with the people and cautious not to be impolite
or turn away from them, frowning. He sought to know about the
condition of his companions and would ask the people about the
condition of others [like their relatives or neighbors]. He used to
admire the good deed and encourage it while censuring the evil action
and discouraging it. He was unwaveringly moderate in his affairs. He
was never unmindful [toward the people] out of fear of their becoming
negligent and deviating [from the right path]. He would never fall short
of the truth and would never overstep it. Those who were near him
were from the best of people. The best from among them, in his view,

Sunan an Nabi – Allama Tabatabi ra

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