The Holy Prophet’s sawa manner of sitting

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He said: Then I asked him  about his [manner of] sitting, so he
said: He would neither sit nor stand but by remembering Allāh . He
never reserved a place specifically for himself and forbade others to
have places reserved for them. When he arrived at a gathering, he sat
wherever there was a place to sit and he enjoined others to do the
same. He would give his attention to all those who were sitting with
him, without giving preference to one over the other, such that none of
them would feel that any one of them is more important to him. When
someone came to sit with him he would remain seated patiently until
he stood up and left. If someone asked him for something, he would
give him exactly what he had asked for or, if he did not have it, he
would offer kind words to him.

Sunan an Nabi – Allama Tabatabi ra

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