Advice of Imam Zamana (atfs) for reciting Sahife Sajjadiya

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The great and righteous scholar – Allamah Mohammed Taqi Majlisi (Majlisi Awwal) says,

‘In my early youth, I was inclined to recite Namaz Shab. Yet would not recite it since my Qaza namaz were pending. I expressed my predicament to Shaikh Bahai (ra) and he too said, ‘Recite your Qaza prayers’
But I used to say to myself, Namaz Shab has its own significance which is distinct from the obligatory prayers’

One morning, between sleep and wakefulness, I saw Imam Zamana (a.s) in a market of Isfahan near a masjid.
I rushed towards him with zeal and happiness. I expressed my dilemma of Namaz Shab to him. He replied, Recite Namaz Shab
I said, ‘I’m not able to meet you every time. Please recommend me a book from which I can recite my supplications regularly.’
He said, Go to Janab Mohammed Taj and take the book from him’
In my dream, I heard the voice of Imam and decided to go to Janab Mohammed Taj and take the book from him. But suddenly I woke up from my sleep.
I wondered that maybe Mohammed Taj is Shaikh Bahai himself and Imam referred to him as Taj since Shaikh Bahai was the head of the Shariah (Marjea)

I recited my morning prayers and went to meet Shaikh Bahai. He was engrossed in some discussion with Syed Gulpaygani and the book of Sahife Sajjadiya was lying before him.

Suddenly I realised that the place where I met Imam Zamana (a.s) was near the Central Mosque. I stood up and went there.
There outside I saw Janab Hasan Taj. I knew him from early days. He saw me and said, ‘Mulla Mohammed Taqi. I’m tired of my students. They take the books from me and don’t return them.’
He then took me to his house, opened his book’s cupboard and said, ‘Take which ever book that you want.’
I pulled out a book. When I looked at its cover, it was Sahife Sajjadiya – the one I had heard about in my dream. I started crying. I stood up and began to leave. Janab Taj said, ‘Take some other books if you wish.’ I said, ‘This one book is enough for me.’
His son Allamah Mohammed Baqir Majlisi (Majlis Duwwam) says, ‘Majlisi Awwal spent forty years of his life propagating and expounding on Sahife Sajjadiya. Due to his untiring efforts, today Sahife Sajjadiya is present in every house.’

This one incident has also led to the writing or many commentaries on Sahife Sajjadiya.