Divinely gifted horse

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Hasan bin Zakariya Farsi says: Once Messenger of Allah (s) and Hazrat Ali (a) went out on some mission. The Holy Prophet  (s) was riding a horse, while Ali (a) was on foot. In due course they reached a pool where they performed ablution and recited the prayer.

Hazrat Ali (a) says: I was between the Ruku and Sajdah, when I heard someone saying:

“Ali, lift your head and see. A gift from the Almighty has arrived for you.”

Ali (a) says: When I looked up I saw a horse fully saddled and bridled.

Then the caller said: This is a gift to you from Allah. Mount and ride it.

Ali (a) says: So after I concluded the prayer, I mounted that animal and rode it.2

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