Names written on the empyrean 9000 years before the creation of Adam (a.s)

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It is narrated from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a) that a female Jinn, named Afra, was in the habit of coming to hear Muhammad, and brought a number of her tribe to embrace the faith. She did not come for several days and the Prophet inquired the cause of Jibraeel, who said that she had gone to visit one of her sister converts, whom she likes for the sake of the pleasure of Allah.

The Prophet replied, “Paradise is for those who love one another for the Lord’s sake.”

Later when Afra visited the Prophet, he asked: “What extraordinary things did you observe during the journey?”

She replied: “Many things.”

The Messenger of Allah (s) said, “Narrate to us the most extraordinary thing you saw.”

She said: “I saw Iblis sitting on a white stone in the Akhzar Sea. He was praying with raised hands: “O Allah, when You have sworn to put me in Hell, I ask you in the name of Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain to save me from Hell and raise me with them.”

I (Afra) asked: “O Harith, what are these names through whom you are praying to the Lord?”

He replied: “These are names I saw written on the empyrean 9000 years before the creation of Adam. That is why I  thought that they are most beloved to Almighty Allah, so I prayed through them.” The Holy Prophet (s) said: “By Allah, if all the people of the earth implore Almighty Allah through these names, He would definitely accept them.”