Descent of food

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Abu Ja’far Ibne Jarir Tabari has narrated through his authorities from Qabisa bin Ayaas that he said:

I was present in the caravan of Imam Hasan (a) and we were travelling to Shaam. Imam(a) was fasting at that time. When the Sun set and he prayed the Maghrib Prayer we were anxious as to how he would end the fast as all the provisions were exhausted. But as soon as he concluded his prayer we saw the doors of heavens open up and lanterns were lit. A dinner table was laid before him containing various kinds of fruits. All of us ate with him and there was no decrease in it. Seventy individuals in the caravan ate to satiation. After we had eaten the table was taken away.

Dalailul Imamah, Pg. 65; Ithbatul Huda, Vol. 2.