Water, milk and honey seeps out from the Masjid pillar

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Abu Ja’far Ibne Jarir Tabari has narrated through his authorities from Ibrahim bin Kathir that he said: Once, when Imam Hasan (a) was in the Prophet’s Masjid, he asked for water.

When the servant delayed in getting the water, he gestured to a pillar from where water came out, which was consumed by him and his companions.

Then he said: If I want I can extract milk and honey from it as well and serve it to you.

We said: Maula, we also wish you’d serve milk and honey to us.

He gestured again and milk and honey flowed out of the pillar and we consumed it all to satiation.1

Dalailul Imamah, Pg. 66; Ithbatul Huda, Vol. 2, Pg. 563.